I can't find a satisfactory account of this website. I don't even know any of the people who contribute to it.

One evening, I received an envelope addressed to Carlson Redmond. I am not Carlson Redmond, so I didn't open it. Two days later, Carlson showed up at my door. He explained that a friend of his had accidentally mailed an important letter for him to my address. I gave him the envelope, which I'd been keeping on my mantel. He opened it on the spot. Inside was a lengthy letter and a smaller envelope. Carlson handed me this new envelope and explained that he had to leave on urgent business, citing the letter. Inside my envelope was a note asking me to write this page for this site and to email it to the email address you'll find below. That is how I've come to write this.

I had intended to scan the note and put it here, but my daughter ate it in one of her fits.

This web page has not been censored.

Dylan T.


Feel free to contact the Oyster Squadron about anything; email the secretary at secretary@connivance.net.