Abzu Ramaloke

Contact: email abzu@connivance.net or send a letter via the sec.

Abzu Ramaloke lives on a boat in the middle of the Pacific ocean, or maybe the Atlantic. Maybe both. There is a blue lantern on the prow of the boat to light the way. He keeps a pet cuttlefish in a tank in his cabin. He writes by the luminescence of its reflective chromatophores.

Abzu writes stories and plays games and contemplates things. Sometimes he plays stories and writes games. He makes terrible puns and doesn't always apologize afterward. He wears a long blue coat and keeps his hat pulled down over his face.

Abzu is of no clear race or nationality. Sometimes even his species is vague. He isn't particularly well-known, because there is nobody else in the middle of the ocean to notice him. He doesn't mind this because he has a pet cuttlefish to keep him company.

[An Abzu Sketch]

Sketch by Respitt Nellsy