There are many reasons to wear the same clothes every day. Wait, I don't mean the same exact clothes, I just mean the same clothes. So if you want to do this (remember, there are a lot of good reasons for it), you need to get a lot of pairs of the same thing. For example, I have a lot of the same size and color jeans and a lot of the same sweatshirts. I don't have more than one pair of shoes, though, I just wear the same pair.

One of the reasons to wear the same clothes is that your brain might get confused about what body it's in if it isn't familiar with the clothes your body's wearing. Even if it recognizes the clothes it might not know that the body wearing them is the same as the body wearing different clothes a different day.

Another reason is for people who plan on disguising themselves in the future. It has been shown that the first time you meet a person, you remember their clothes. If you meet them again and they are wearing different clothes, then you look at their face, but if they're wearing the same clothes, you just look at their clothes again. This means that if you wear the same clothes a lot and then switch them, everyone you know thinks they're meeting you for the second time.

A third reason is for people who don't want to think about what to wear when they wake up. If you have only one sort of clothes, you wear them because you don't want to be naked.

There are plenty of other reasons too.

Lecture Concerning Clothes