Flavor is an oft over-looked medium by which an artist can express him/herself. I realized this on the day that I first encountered truly good cooking. It was in a small corner restaurant in a suburb outside San Diego, at which my sister and I were treated to lunch by our Aunt and Uncle. Usually this place would require a reservation many weeks ahead, but my Aunt knew the owners and got us a table in the small, crowded space.

There, eating a spaghetti, I had a culinary revelation, as wave after wave of different flavors revealed themselves. After 18 years, I had finally tasted truly good cooking, and realized that chefs ought to have exhibitions in museums.

Thomas Sturgeon
Project Night

Good food is food that hasn't been made bad. Here are a number of ways to make food bad: add cilantro, add fresh tomatoes or other juicy vegetables, add large chunks of anything unless it's cheese or meat without fat, serve near pungent things, serve without water nearby, serve in a dish that isn't a big bowl or a round plate, serve with silverware that has grooves in it. When I mentioned water, I meant "potable water" in a pitcher with a glass, or a glass and a faucet. I didn't mean a body of water such as a lake or an ocean. Though this form of water can have a serious effect on food, it's a very complicated discussion. The glass I mentioned must be clear, though it need not be glass, and must weigh very little so that the drinker may easily feel how much liquid is inside. It also must have a significant volume, at least containing five large gulps. Most meals are ruined by inattention to water and utensils.

Robert Mensch
Project Night

Here is a list of food I've eaten and, at least, enjoyed:

Thuck Wormeinster
Project Night

Today, a group of us went to a grocery store that was closing down. Everything (already very picked-through) was 50% off. I bought fancy cheese and packets of yeast and cereal and a box of tea and gummy vitamins and pecans. I would've liked some fresh produce, but there were only a few shriveled cabbages and mushy peppers left.

One of my friends bought jellied cranberry sauce and canned potatoes and peanuts and pound cake and pistachios and tea and canned baby corn and miscellaneous freezer food and chocolate and puffed wheat and instant oatmeal and flour tortillas and scads of other things that went into four or five different shopping bags, at least. Also, a stuffed turtle. I think that we might have different purchasing philosophies.

Robin Dikshitar
Project Night