or Re Barrel

Dear Franz. D. Haberdasher,

I'm sorry to hear that you don't have an official OS mailbox, I've taken the liberty of including one for you in this care package. A rotten barrel is certainly not the place to keep your dead animals and if you insist on keeping them in your mailbox, this one will serve you to your satisfaction—though the tapir might not fit. I've also included a liberal supply of formaldehyde in case you have trouble obtaining it in your parts. Finally, you'll find enclosed a dead monkfish for your collection. It's thanks to your dues, and the dues of enthusiastic members like you, that I'm able to supply you with these supplies.

I've done some investigating and I believe Convivial to be behind the whale. The Mensch father's at the heart, but we don't know if he personally trained the whale, it may have simply been a lackey. Sometimes when I write to my rivals I use black paper, so consider that when you contact that vile club. In any case, I've written to Kiff Mister, he'll be able to help; expect a fullsec from him.

Don't drown,

Secretary P. T.