A Letter About A Vacuum

Dear Pak,

Loosh Marggie doesn't even remember she has your vacuum cleaner. It's out in her garage, beneath the tattered blue tarp. She asked Jolie Papski to help her vacuum up the copious amounts of raccoon poop from her garage, before she was to host her annual garage sale last May. She never did have the garage sale; she had to leave town very abruptly when she got that call about the photo shoot in the Cayman islands. And as you know, someone with a large off-shore bank account (maybe you, of all people, can figure that mystery out) needed her assistance in another realm... Hmmmmm... In any case, I'd guess Jolie would be more than willing to fetch it for you if she knew you wanted it back, and if you could convince her to put down that oily paintbrush she is perennially wielding.

Gerty Mensch